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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1: Are you pet-friendly? 
Yes! We have a $250 pet deposit. 

FAQ #2: Is a parking space included in my rent? 
No, our parking lot is first come first serve. 

FAQ #3: What utilities do I have to pay? 
Rockwood Village pays for water, sewer, and trash. Residents are responsible for electric.

FAQ #4: Do you accept section 8? 
Yes, we accept Section 8. 

FAQ #5: How many people can live in your homes? 
You can have two people per bedroom, plus one. 

FAQ #6: Are you close to bus lines? The grocery store? 
Safeway is our closest grocery store. There are several bus and MAX lines within a mile radius. 

The resident services team helps aid day to day operations related to residents in housing. We function as a liaison between the property manager and our residents and work to enhance the living environment of the community through outreach, creative programming, supportive services and ensure that the mission of Hacienda CDC is brought to life. The following are details of the support and services Resident Services provides:
Regular day-to-day responsibilities:
  • Create, administer, and deliver supportive service programming and activities in collaboration with local community service providers (i.e: workshops, educational presentations, classes)
  • Provide outreach services to identify residents who could benefit from services, and program and service gaps
  • When needed, assist residents with forms and applications (i.e: renewals, income-recertifications, job applications, food stamp applications, etc)
  • Service as a liaison between property manager and resident 
  • Support resident efforts in community building initiatives (i.e: focus groups, community development questionnaires, etc)
  • Provide on-site and on-call (office hours) support to address resident concerns or questions
  • Respond to emergency or crisis situations that may arise between residents and apply conflict resolution skills
  1. Monthly Newsletter - This is a monthly newsletter that will be updated on our website community bulletin. It typically includes community resources, fun activities for families according to the months theme (I.e: March St. Pattys Day, May Mothers Day), it also includes updates on Hacienda work and other personal well-being and holistic resources. 
  2. HOP Bus Passes - HOP Bus Passes are first come first serve but are available on a monthly basis to all residents.
  3. Uber - Uber rides are available to all residents with at least a two-day notice. For first time riders, we will provide a training on how to use flexible rides. Priority goes to those with medical appointments. 
  4. Focus Groups/Workshops - Focus group and workshop themes and topics are dependent on what community partners have to offer during that time and also the need of community. For example, if we hear that the community is interested in taking a class on how to file taxes, we will try to find someone who can run a workshop on this. 
  5. Food Pantry - This is still in the talks, but is looking like it might be in partnership with Mudbone. 
  6. Resident Services Office Hours - Resident services will generally be available to residents but there will be late office hours for those who might need 1:1 extra support. For example, job applications, government forms (SNAP), etc.
*Please note that programming and services are subject to change based on community needs. 
  • Expresiones After School (times include prep and clean-up)
    • Monday-Friday, August-May, 2:30pm-6:30pm
    • Monday- Friday, June-July, 12:00pm-4pm 
    • Parent Meetings, once a month 6:30 pm 7:30 pm
    • The program is open to youth in grades Kindergarten to 8th grade that are residents of Rockwood Village and/or attend the neighborhood schools. 
    • All services are currently virtual
  • Portland Nios Early Childhood Play and Learn Groups (times include prep and clean-up)
    • Thursdays, twice a month in January June; August December, 9:00 am 1:00 pm
    • Play and Learn Groups are part of our program service and families need to be enrolled and participate in visiting services available to families that identify as Latino, pregnant women to 4 years old and consider themselves low-income, in order to join the groups
    • All services are currently virtual
  • Economic Opportunity 
    • Night and weekend workshops (ex. 5:30-7:30pm on weekdays, 11am-2pm on weekends)
  • Empresarios 
    • Night and weekend workshops (ex. 5:30-7:30pm on weekdays, 11am-2pm on weekends)